Ali NejadBahram | علی نژادبهرام

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I'm Ali NejadBahram, 27 Years Old, Bacheloar of Marine Engineer, Student of International Relations.

Interest in Politics, Technology, Sports, Social Relationships, Travel & Passion to my Family.

My Work

Some of my latest projects.

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A draft from my CV

Year Title Where
1999 I Lost My Father in a Drug Smuggling Operation He Was a Commando. His mission was in Zahedan, Iran
2004-2010 I Love Soccer and Always Been an Influential Player in Inter-School Competitions Elementary School Called Roshd-e (Shahed) & Middle School called Fath-e (Shahed)
2010-2013 Mathematics and Physics Diploma Mesbah High School in Tehran and Fath-e (Shahed) High School in Tehran
2013-2017 Bachelor of Marine Engineering Petroleum University of Technology
2017-2019 I Worked for Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line As the Fourth Engineer on the Ships
2019-2021 MSc Student in International Relations Azad University of South Tehran

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Tehran, Iran